Simple Questions About ESA

ESA is the word we have been listening to and reading most of the times. Even the medical world says that emotional support animals are important for good health of the person who suffers from emotional health issues or mental illnesses.


What Is ESA Or Emotional Support Animal?

An ESA is a pet which as all the qualifications of being an emotional support animal. Generally pets like dogs and cats are thought of as keeping as emotional support pets. But there should be a letter that should come from the doctor who practices for emotional or mental health of a person.

The doctor should prescribe that the animal is an emotional support animal and that it would help the patient to feel good and have a sense of wellbeing.


How Does A Pet Qualify To Become An Emotional Support Animal?

There are a few conditions that one should fulfil if he wants the pet to be an emotional support animal. Here are the details:

  • The person who owns the pet should have mental illnesses or emotional health issues. If the person has physical disability then this does not count.
  • The pets are just meant to give a good feeling to the patient.
  • The pets would be certified as emotional support animals if the above two conditions are fulfilled. The doctor should write a letter on his letter head that the patient has mental illness and the pet is an important means to enhance his sense of wellbeing.

When this letter is ready, the pet would qualify to be an emotional support animal. It is important to note that only the doctor who treats mental illnesses would be authorized to give certification for emotional support animal.


Do You Know Any Therapist Who Would Write The Letter For You?

In most of the cases, the patient can get the letter written from the licensed therapist who treats mental illnesses to write the ESA letter or certification.

If you do not know any such person who does this then in that case you can find someone online too. This is because online you will find many therapists.


What Animals Qualify For ESA?

In most of the cases all the domestic animals would qualify to be considered as an emotional support animals. However, cats and dogs are quite popular ESA. However, some people keep fetters, parrots, pigs etc as emotional support animals.

So, there is no such limit that only these can be the emotional support animals. Any animal can qualify as an emotional support animal till they are well trained, well behaved and do not cause any disturbance to people around.

The emotional support animal is supposed to stay at home with the owner and so the pet should be quite comfortable at the home setting without creating any nuisance.


Being The Owner Of An ESA What Rights You Have?

If you are owner of a pet which has been certified as emotional support animal and if you are a patient with some mental illness that qualifies to keep ESA then you and your pets have some rights. So, just read and get knowledge of the same:

  • With the emotional support animal letter you and your pet will be able to travel together by flight. The carrier will not charge you anything extra as the pet can sit along with you. It is however vital to check out the details first and find out that what documentation will be required for the airlines before you travel.
  • The apartment where you stay people cannot deny the accommodation. This is because if the pet is well behaved and doesn’t bother people then no one can deny the accommodation.
  • The rental homes where the landlord would have no-pets policy, there too pets would be allowed if the pet owner has ESA letter.


What Is The Procedure For ESA Registration?

There is no need for officially registering the animal. If the health practitioner for mental health illness is giving letter for the pet as an emotional support animal then this letter would be enough.

But the validity period for the letter would be one year.


Why Should You Register Your Pet As ESA?

Registering your pet as ESA will help you and the pet to enjoy a few benefits. The life can be easy and there would be no issues when you carry your pet along on flights or at certain hotels. People who are emotionally impaired or disable would have right to carry the pets along wherever they go and wherever they live.

For that ESA letter is important. So, registering emotional support animal is therefore a good way to protect your rights and seek several benefits for the pet.


Flying With Your Pet Is Possible?

If you have registered or have ESA letter then you can fly with the pet without any issue. The pet will be allowed to sit with you without any extra charges.

However just read the terms and conditions of the carrier.


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